Find a concierge physician in your area


Convert your practice to a personalized care practice
Concierge medicine the new alternative healthcare

Expect More From Concierge Medicine

While standard care generally treats patients after the onset of illness, concierge care focuses on keeping you healthy and out of the hospital.

Longer appointments with your concierge doctor

Enjoy Same or Next Day Appointments

Your new relationship with your doctor means ‘the long wait’ in the waiting room, in the exam room or even just to schedule an appointment is over.

More practices converting to concierge care

Thrive In Todays Healthcare Environment

Frustrated with a changing healthcare system, a growing number of doctors across the nation are turning to a new type of practice.

Media and Press

How to set up a concierge practice
A day in the life of a personalized care physician
Concierge medicine buys patients more time withd doctors

Our Health Blog

A Low-Dose Aspirin a Day, May Not Keep the Doctor Away

March 2, 2015

It seems like only yesterday when low-dose aspirin was heralded as an inexpensive, highly effective way for dramatically reducing the nation’s number one killer – heart disease. And it was so easy to implement! Every American beginning with middle age was advised to simply take one of those super small-sized aspirin daily to bolster their […]

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