What Is Concierge Medicine?

In today’s highly-charged, ever-changing healthcare environment, neither doctors nor patients are satisfied with the traditional primary care model. For those seeking an alternative, concierge medicine is the innovative way of delivering superior care to patients while substantially improving lifestyle and reward for physicians.
Also known as boutique medicine, retainer medicine, executive health, VIP medicine, or personalized medicine – concierge medicine is the solution for doctors like you, and SignatureMD is the company that offers you the opportunity to maintain your integrity and independence in today’s difficult healthcare environment.

Signature MD’s concierge medicine program enables our partner physicians to provide a set number of patients with personalized service, the highest quality care, 24-7 availability, and other exclusive amenities. In exchange for this enhanced personal attention, patients pay an annual fee that enables you to better manage their health while increasing your income. Besides receiving an annual fee, most concierge physicians continue to receive reimbursements from health plans and private pay clients. In addition, SignatureMD creates custom programs for each physician and group of patients enabling you to to maximize the benefits of converting to a concierge medical platform.